Why I Became an Entrepreneur

I grew up in an a family business. That meant learning how business worked at a young age. It’s something that is discussed at your dinner table. It’s part of your weekends when help is needed. It’s your summer job. It’s ingrained in you. This planted the seeds for my entrepreneurial journey.

For five years , I worked as much as I could for my family’s business and mowed 3-4 yards per week, essentially running a micro business and cutting my teeth with pricing, recurring contracts, and customer satisfaction.

However, when I was 16 years old, I was on a fast track to becoming a doctor. I had straight A’s, I had been fascinated by medicine from a young age. I had scoped out the colleges I wanted to go to, and dreamed of being an orthopedic surgeon. That was, until I started meeting several who were not happy, were not fulfilled, and were all getting into business ventures.

It was around that time, that I received my first copy of the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. The book changed my mindset from what can I do as an individual, to how I can create an impact with systems.

It’s my belief that entrepreneurship is the archimedes lever that allows you to achieve more than you would ever be able to as an individual.

It was that realization that put me on my path to filing my first LLC at 18 years old prior to going to Ohio State University where I would get into the world of startups.

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